My Story


Domanie K

When I came to Sallie's house 11 months ago, I was a broken and fearful girl. I thought to myself "what have I gotten myself into?" I've heard plenty of stories about sober houses but I knew I couldn't go back home to old people places and things. I knew I had to try something different so I decided to give it a chance. I had to let go and trust the process and have some patience. 



Jayleen V.

I am a Forty-Nine year old woman in Recovery, and I do not use that term lightly. In all my years of battle against the disease of addiction I have learned  that there is a big difference between being sober and being in recovery.


Tracie H.

My name is Tracey.   I was arrested on November 26, 2016 for the ninth time in a few short months.  I was so sick of my addiction that when I walked into the Riverhead Inn (correctional facility), I gave my life to God because I was not doing a very good job at living. 


By Kim Jones

Growing up I would watch talk shows where the topic of the day was domestic violence and told myself that would ever be me, but to my surprise I am a living testimony that there is life after death. Because of the years of violence I felt totally numb, dead inside. I recall my mother asking me “what happen to your smile” and I had no answer for her. I didn’t know how I got so deep into this relationship that kept me terrified day in and day out. There is nothing that I didn’t go through or experience when it comes the violence.


By Jahnice Strange

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