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Connecting for Purpose is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization whose mission is to provide mentoring to individuals in their growth to becoming self-sufficient.  We provide mentoring for personal recovery supports, substance abuse and mental health issues, crisis intervention, training, employment readiness and educational exploration, as well as assisting with legal and housing challenges that block or prevent access to resources that support self-sufficiency. We realize that in order to be effective, it is vital to address these challenges particularly for men, women, youth, and veterans, as well as incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals offering options by connecting them to vital resources.

Connecting for Purpose uses a restorative approach to rehabilitation encouraging individuals to accept responsibility for their roles in both creating and solving their problems.  It becomes much easier to encourage persons to solve their problems; as well as providing training and creating dialogues with agencies in an effort to improve communication with incarcerated and formerly individuals.  Restorative practices provide the framework for building community and for responding to challenging behavior through authentic dialogue, coming to understanding, and making things right.  We offer individuals challenged with a criminal past the opportunity to live socially acceptable and productive lives.

We provide pre- and post- release mentorship and family strengthening services, as well as linkages to community-based social services, employment and education opportunities to formerly incarcerated and community residents. We offer an array of mentoring service coordination including employment readiness training, job placement referrals, housing and health care resources, drug treatment and other referrals for formerly incarcerated individuals and their families, re-entering the community. 

We provide Re-Entry Services for:


  • Adults Men and Women

  • Young Adults and Youth 


  • Our Veterans

Pastor Edward Lanham

Pastor Edward Lanham is the senior pastor at the Fishers of Men Church, 422 Sills Rd; Yaphank, New York 11980.  He inspired and motivated the men and women with hope and reminded them never to give up!

CFP Volunteers

The October 1, 2016 Motivational and Empowerment Retreat was phenomenal!

Thank you to all of the volunteers who realize how beneficial it is not just to say that you care, but to demonstrate the corresponding actions to show that you care!

Experiential--Involve Me

The theme was "Turning Obstacles into Opportunities" We challenged and inspired thinking.

The ladies were excited and fully involved...

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn
Benjamin Franklin

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Riverhead Jail Retreat

Re-Entry Programs for Ex-Offenders By State

The process of leaving prison can be very difficult, especially for ex-offenders and felons that have had to serve lengthy sentences. Reentry programs for ex-offenders can be very helpful for those that need a helping hand once outside prison. Below we have a comprehensive list of reentry programs for ex-offenders by state to help those needing it.

Re-Entry Myth Busters

Reentry MythBusters are a first product of the Federal Interagency Reentry Council.  They are essentially fact sheets, designed to clarify existing federal policies that affect formerly incarcerated individuals and their families in areas such as public housing, access to benefits, parental rights, employer incentives, Medicaid suspension/termination, and more.  As you will see, some federal laws and policies are narrower than is commonly perceived, as is the case with public housing and food assistance benefits. 

Incarcerated Veterans Receive Second Chance In Suffolk County

Connecting For Purpose is proud to be a part of providing services to our incarcerated Veterans at the Yaphank County Jail Facility.  The Veterans Re-Entry Program will address the re-entry needs of veterans returning to society after a period of incarceration at the Suffolk County Correctional Facility. The program will emphasize substance abuse recovery, coping with stress disorders, improving, life skills, family re-unification and vocational and educational assistance....

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