Recovery Peer Advocate Training


  • Realizing   how you  can make a difference in the lives of individuals in recovery!


  • Understanding your own recovery capital and how you can use it to influence and help others.


  • Carrying  the message of recovery—the true hope and faith  recovery has to offer those we encounter—more effectively.


  • Replacing stigma with a helping hand, hope for the future, and a vision of recovery.


  • Becoming aware of the many helping hands of the recovering  community.


  • Identifying and developing the skills necessary to be effective as a recovery coach.


  • Experience the value of one recovering person helping another.


  • Becoming and staying aware of the current recovery movement, advocacy efforts, and the many local, State and national recovering communities and their resources Gaining an expanded knowledge of recovery resources available to peers.


Recovery Coaching is for You!


Coaching is a form of strength-based supports for persons in or seeking recovery from alcohol and other drugs, and other addictions. Recovery Coaching is a peer-based recovery support service that is non-clinical and designed to engage others beyond initiation through stabilization.


Duration:  46 Hour Training


Recovery Peer Advocate training is  approved by the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (OASAS)  and designed to  provide students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to become personal guides/mentors for individuals seeking or already in recovery.



Completion of Training Certificate

Upon completion of the 30-hour curriculum, and the 16—hour training in ethical responsibility, and all financial obligations have been satisfied, a certificate will be awarded.


Required Performance Domains:


  • Advocacy - 10 Hours

  • Mentoring/Education - 10 Hours

  • Recovery/Wellness Support - 10 Hours

  • Ethical Responsibility - 16 Hours



 CRPA Certification Process


After hours are completed an application can be submitted to ASAP to apply for the Recovery Peer Advocated certification which will allow the individual to provide outreach and peer support services under the supervision of a qualified health professional.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


The initial certification application fee  Click here for more information

Certified Addiction Recovery Coach Application - ASAP


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